Update U-Boot

NOTE: Incorrect procedure or power loss during this process can render your board unusable - be careful.

If you have a functioning U-Boot environment, then you can write a new bootloader to flash using the steps outlined below.

This example shows writing the 4KOpen-flash-v0.1.1.bin (MD5: a4d265d79ef0bba3a0fbed011c102fda), which occupies the full 32 MB of flash.

U-Boot> setenv ethaddr ${BOARD_MAC_ADDRESS}
U-Boot> setenv autoload no

U-Boot> dhcp
U-Boot> tftp 0x98000000 ${SERVER_IP}:4KOpen-flash-v0.1.1.bin

Ensure that the previous command downloads successfully, it should download 32MB of data. Doing the next steps without the correct download happening will force you to need to boot a version over JTAG.

U-Boot> mw 0x09230028 0x10
U-Boot> mw 0x09230038 0x10
U-Boot> mw 0x09230044 0x10
U-Boot> mw 0x09230004 0x10
U-Boot> sf probe

U-Boot> sf erase 0 +0x2000000
U-Boot> sf write 0x98000000 0 0x2000000